Take your fans from rocking out to rocking it!

Throughout my years as a merch designer for rad bands and brands, I've refined a design process that enables us to create merch that moves. From discovery to execution, we'll work together to ensure that your products fly off the shelves and create the movement your audience craves.



The first step after you get in touch is coming together to understand your needs, brainstorm possible directions for your ideal design(s), and create a strategy to make it happen.

I'm always stoked to hear about a new project, but to make sure we're a good fit, I take each inquiry into careful consideration: How passionate are you about the project? Do you have an understanding of your own goals? Do you show an interest in working with me specifically?

Once we're on the same page and you're cool with the cost and deadline for your designs, I'll send you an invoice for the initial deposit to lock in your project. Once that's paid, I'm ready to get started on your project and move on to the next phase!



Here's where the fun starts and ideas are brought to life! In this stage I familiarize myself with your work and take a deeper look into your target audience so that I can create merch that represents you, your message and your fans to a tee.

I explore ideas and create concepts by sketching, tweaking type, and designing graphics that will best achieve your goals.

As with any relationship, communication is key, so I'm just an email away and always here for questions as the creation process gets going and we move into the next phase.



Once your design(s) are created, I’ll generate the most realistic version of what your merch will look like. I’ll share my decisions behind each design, and ask for your honest feedback.

You know your brand and your audience best, so your opinion is music to my ears. Through collaborative feedback, together we will work towards a final design or designs.

Art Approval


When you're stoked with the design and have given me your tick of approval, I'll follow up with a final invoice. Your payment covers the design process and gives you full rights to the artwork to do with whatever you’d like!

After the approved designs are paid in full, I’ll send all final artwork and files to you directly through email.



You’re now free to get your merch printed and distributed however you prefer!

Although I don’t physically produce your merch, I’m always happy to help answer whatever questions you have about making that happen and offer recommendations for my fav printers.

After the project is completed, I may feature it here on my site or on social media, raving about how rad you are and where people can grab your fresh merch! (I never share designs until you’ve made them public on your end.)


Ready to make merch that moves?

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