I'm Brent Galloway, a freelance graphic designer in Ohio.

My mission is to connect rad bands and brands with their biggest fans through killer merch. For each movement and message, I aim to design must-have merch that sells, driven by creativity, strategy, and transparency. Learn about my design process.

A closeup of some merch I designed

I grew up skateboarding and listening to music with my friends and remember receiving skateboard catalogs in the mail with the latest deck and merchandise designs. The epic designs of these products and the different elements that made up each brand fascinated me. Since then, this fascination grew into a passion and an obsession, leading me to eventually become hyper-focused around designing merch for rad bands and brands all around the world. I'm stoked to have found the intersection between all of my favorite things, and now spend my days designing merch from skateboards to posters, hats, keychains, mugs, socks and of course, graphic tees!

I love to rock a graphic tee, so I know that feeling when you put on your favorite one. That one from your favorite band that takes you back to the moment when you saw them live, or your favorite brand's tee that makes you feel proud to represent the things you love. There's something so exciting about reliving your best memories through your clothes, and something so empowering about literally wearing your passions with pride, front and center for all to see.

These shirts say a lot about you, your interests and your passions, and make you feel like part of a movement so much bigger than just yourself. Whatever the message, when you wear your heart on your literal sleeve, there's a feeling of unity, community, and shared passion. This is why I'm so passionate about connecting rad bands and brands with their biggest fans through killer merch.

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Turn up the volume on your own design career

I get to do what I love every day, and you should too! I'm stoked to teach what I know and share what I've learnt so that you can do what you love and build an epic career around it!

See my latest work and more on Instagram @BrentGalloway