My Monthly Freelance Income Report – June 2013

July 1, 2013

This is the first of a possible series of reports that I will post each month summarizing my freelance income and business growth.

I’m choosing to do this not only to help myself keep track of my freelance business progress, but to also show other freelancers what’s working for me, and what’s not.

If you’re just starting out, please understand that finding clients and making money online is not something that happens overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

I struggle at times – but as long as I have goals and am constantly working towards them, I know I have a chance. And the same goes for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first month’s income report. I hope it can motivate and encourage. Enjoy!

Important happenings in June

I’ve seen some major growth in my freelance business this year, but June showed the most.

I spent a lot of my side work focusing on writing and diversifying my income. I used to read up a lot on passive income, and while that’s definitely important, I’ve learned that it’s more important to diversify my income. At least at first.

When I say “diversifying my income”, I mean to not solely rely on client projects.

Client work definitely pays the bills, but working on side projects and generating income in other ways that are also promoting your business is just as rewarding.

Like I said, I’ve spent a lot of my time in June writing. I’ve tried posting here every Monday on top of my usual weekly posts for Graphic Design Blender. And it’s been extremely beneficial!

Just this month I was able to join the Ad Packs community and monetize my blog with a single ad (seen at the top-right in the sidebar).

Even though the earnings are small with the amount of traffic my site gets, I’m still proud of that. Overall my site this month has gone from around 40 unique views a day to well over 100!

Again, not huge numbers, but to me it’s everything.

It’s growth, and that’s all I truly care about.

One top of the client projects and blogging, I’ve officially made it a goal to write and produce my first eBook: Start Your Freelance Career – a resource intended for individuals looking to start or grow their freelance careers.

This is huge for me.I don’t consider myself a great writer, but when it comes to freelance, I can write endlessly about my experiences and design tips. (Hence the blog you’re reading.)

Aside from my writing, I also gave affiliate marketing a go.

I’m signed up with the popular service, E-Junkie, and all I’ve done is simply share and talk about the products I truly believe in.

I never promote something just for the potential income that may come from it. If I already use a service or product and there happens to be an affiliate program, then I’ll participate.

I’m incredibly grateful for those who read my blog and follow my work, and I will continue to provide as much valuable content / resources that I can.

Another service I just recently signed up for and tried is Microlancer. Microlancer is a part of the trusted Envato network and is a marketplace for “digital service providers”.

Although some of the other "creative's" competitive prices are embarrassing low, I’ve been able to land a couple projects at a reasonable compensation. It’s been a great experience so far and is worth checking out. I might want to do a whole separate post about my experience with the service.

To be honest this has been such a great month for me and my freelance business. I hope you can pick a few things from my content and apply it to yourself.

Freelance Income Report – June 2013

So here’s how I did:

Freelance Services: $1,983.39
Client Projects: $1,930.89
Microlancer: $52.50

Blogging: $77.44
Freelance Writing: $77.44

Affiliate Marketing: $22.49
E-Junkie: $22.49

Online Shop: $2.58 $2.58

Online Marketplaces: $31.50
Creative Market: $31.50
GraphicRiver: Not Enough For Payout

TOTAL: $2,117.40

I'm not making a killing by freelancing, but I'm living off what I love to do.

Realistically I wouldn't put the field of graphic design in the category of "big money", but if I can pay the bills and be happy in life doing it, then why shouldn't that mean success?

Plans for July

The obvious goal of July is to stick with my writing, keep producing content and keep my clients happy.

I want to make more time to work on the Start Your Freelance Career eBook, and promoting my shop products.

The products I have on my shop and marketplaces give me a little bit of extra income (not much), but I need to continue to promote and produce more.

I’ve found digital products to be easier to produce and sell for obvious reasons, and I plan to do this for the month of July.

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