My Custom Monogram Logo Rubber Stamp!

March 8, 2013

After designing my monogram logo it was only a matter of time until I had a stamp made up since it fit the style perfectly. Well, nows that time—I ended up getting a small round stamp made. You can see more photos below!


I got my stamp made at Simon's Stamps, who I've had bookmarked for some time now. They offer a huge variety of stamp sizes and stamp accessories. Although their website isn't the most appealing, the process was pretty simple.

The turnaround for the stamp was surprisingly fast. My stamp shipped the day after I placed my order!

I also ordered a red (vermilion) ink pad from Amazon to go with my brand color scheme.


I'm really excited to use my stamp to put a little personal touch onto the orders I'll soon be shipping out to my Stay True backers.

If you end up getting a rubber stamp made, please send me your photos on Twitter or Facebook!

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