Making major changes & refocusing for the better

October 28, 2013

Back in August I mentioned that I was refocusing the content here on my blog to help target the right audience.

I'd like to explain where things are headed.

Recently I've pinpointed a downside to creating content. Although it helps get my name out and I enjoy it very much, it just doesn't pay the bills like client work does.

If you take a look my last two income reports, you can see my earnings haven't been doing well, and I have plans on fixing this. Honestly it's the income reports and blogging that's helped me realize these faults in my business.

I'm not going to stop creating content of course. I love the audience and relationships I've built thus far, and I have so much more to offer.

I'm actually producing more – just at a higher quality! That's one of my goals with Your Freelance Career – the new home for me freelance writing, where I can really take it to the next level.

Progress is coming along with Your Freelance Career, and you can get the updates by signing up here if you haven't already.

Where does this leave my personal blog and website? I have to be able to pay my bills, so I'm going to refocus my entire website and make it more effective for me as a freelance graphic designer.

I'll be putting focus on my work and making call-to-actions more apparent. I'm also going to share more about my process and really target things around here for potential clients.

My blog and current posts will still be here, and I'll post on occasion about project case studies, design tutorials, and other client related resources. However, my blog will not be the main focus anymore. (That's where Your Freelance Career comes in.) I have a whole layout redesign in mind that I'm currently developing. I hope to have it ready for launch before the end of this year!

I'm making these major changes for the better.

I'll be able to attract more clients here, but also have a new (bigger) outlet for my freelance writing. I'm excited for these changes, and you should be too!I appreciate that you're taking the time to follow along my growth as a freelancer. I'll be sharing everything I can in the process, so I hope you can pull some insight from what I have to share.

Again, if you're interested in learning more on growing a freelance business, I'm working on some amazing content for Your Freelance Career. Check that out and I'd really appreciate it if you'd help spread the word. The more people that can get on board and involved, the more value it can be for everyone.

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